O Fino Da Bossa

The musician Paul Scheepmaker, who comes from Hoofddorp, started an enthusiatic journey in 2006 that ended in the album 'Na Rrede da Varanda' from his project 'O Fino da Bossa.' With 'O Fino da Bossa' Paul showcases his great passion for Brazilian music and his dedication to show it to the world. He wrote, recorded, produced, mixed and released the album himself. On the 22nd of september in 2013 the album was launched with a live performance in the poptempel of Amsterdam "Paradiso." Since then various tracks can be heard on Radio 1, 2, 5 en 6. O Fino also had a live performance on AVRO's Opium.

The album 'Na Rede da Varanda' received praise in, among others: 'De Telegraaf,' 'Haarlems Dagblad,' 'Muziekwereld' and Maxazinne. An extensive article also appeared in the magazine 'Gitarist.' The album has been released on various streaming services.


De Telegraaf

Scheepmaker has succeeded in bringing his enthusiasm to the eleven headed band whom selflessly worked along on the album. The warm sounds of the Brazilian notes not only go through Scheepmakers' acoustic guitar, but they clearly go through his heart as well.

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The guitarist from North-Holland Paul Scheepmaker has received praising criticism from within the country and outside since the presentation of his bossanovaproject O Fino Da Bossa in Paradiso. O Fino Da Bossa and the album 'Na Rede da Varanda' have been on the map for half a year now and bossanova will always be a part of Scheepmakers' life now. "The chord progressions keep surprising me."

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O Fino Da Bossa takes the listener on a ride through various tasteful melodies, exciting rhythms and beautifully sung Portuguese lyrics which raise the temperature to South American standards. At one moment the songs rerminds you of the immersive standards from Antônio Carlos Jobim and at the next moment they'll remind you of the various styles from Baden Powell, all the while songs such as 'O Pai-De-Santo' and 'Ainda Voce No Meu Coracao' successfuly represent the folk influence. Other highlights are 'Fala Nao,' 'Nerinyo,' 'No Quintal Da Dona Flor' and 'Tudo Que Passou.'

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Written in Music

Tracks, written in Portuguese, produced and published all by himself. That in and of itself is already an accomplishment. But above all it's an album which should be heard, or listened to. A beautiful example of bossanova that invites you to travel along to the various ambiances of Brazil and let yourself be intoxicated by the music.

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Haarlems Dagblad

The presentation in the packed upper hall of the Amsterdam Paradiso is a success. A few songs from the double album 'Na rede da veranda' are performed by a band with eleven members. It is astonishing to see how smooth Scheepmakers' hands move along the neck of the guitar, and how seemingly effortless he plays complex jazz chords.

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In his enthusiasm, Paul Scheepmaker pulled out all the stops. Wind players, strings, background singers and lead singer Yinske Silva bring a lively but in the core always relaxed bossarepertoire. Even though a lot is happening all the time, the sound stage stays 'tranquilo,' open and South American.

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